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Sharp UP-3500
Cash Register
General Cash Register Information
  Sharp UP-3500 Cash Register

Whether the location is small or large, the UP-3500 provides quick serve locations efficient store management and reporting solutions.

The Sharp UP-3500 POS is built for speed. Time-saving features like drive-thru order taker and fast cashier operations serve to check out customers fast and efficiently.

It easily supports promotions and combination meals including auto combo recognition, all while providing tighter controls over inventory and cash flow.

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Features and Benefits
Sharp Specifications
  • Embedded Flash ROM technology with fan-less design means no moving parts making high system reliability and
    stability a standard feature.
  • Integrated credit card authorization reduces hardware cost and complication.
  • Train Employees in Minutes
  • Drive-Thru Handling
  • Serve Customers Quickly
  • Compact, user-friendly design makes the UP-3500 fit your operation without taking up valuable counter space.
  • Programmable Touch Screen
  • External Printer
  • Color 12.1" LCD Touch Screen display
  • Up to 2 External Cash Drawers
  • 2 RS-232 Ports (4 Max)
  • 1 TCP/IP Ethernet Port
  • PC Connectivity Optional
  • 12.5" Wide
  • 12.2" Deep
  • 11.2" High


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