Restaurant Manager Software  
Quick Service

First and foremost, a quick service business requires a POS system that is itself quick and reliable. When there are two new trainees out front, 15 customers at the counter, three more cars pulling up to the drive-thru, and a food delivery coming in the back door, Restaurant Manager™ works in the background to keep you prepared for the unexpected.

High labor turnover and relatively low computer literacy is common in quick service, so it’s critical that your POS system requires little training to operate. Restaurant Manager QuickService is a cashier-friendly, conversational interface that sends instant, accurate and legible information to the food prep staff.

Restaurant Manager QuickService back-of- the-house gives you total menu, reporting and labor control in a format that guarantees your management decisions will be efficient and timely. It also includes many features that empower your employees to improve speed of service and increase revenues.



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